About us

The company Hölscher-Severins bvba was founded in 1959 by the marriages Arie Hölscher-Gilberte Severins. At that time, things were handled from Sint-Mariaburg-Ekeren (province of Antwerp). The production of premixes then took place in Berchem near Antwerp. Already in the early years, Arie also took care of the transport to the customers themselves, even though that was still with the passenger and trailer at that time.

Arie and Gilberte have started building the company from 0 onwards where now several full-time employees are employed. Of course, the steady growth also required a larger production location. This was found in O.L.V.Waver, where in 1961 a small animal feed and factory was acquired. Here they produced premixes for more than 10 years. Meanwhile, the rolling material was expanded with a first truck. However, it soon became impossible to do everything alone, so the time was ripe to strengthen the team with a salesman and a production employee.

Arie soon understood that, if he wanted to make the case progress, he had to be able to increase the turnover. This was not possible at the then location. That is why other possibilities were faced and those that were found in the Berkenhoek in O.L.V.Waver, the later industrial zone with the similar name. In 1970 the construction of a new factory and the necessary storage capacity was started here. This was necessary as the company, meanwhile, had also focused on the production of raw materials and additives for the animal feed sector in addition to the production of premixes. After a construction period of 3 years, the new factory was commissioned in 1973. This is the location where up to now is still being produced.

Meanwhile, the fleet has also been expanded with several trucks, tank trucks, bulk trucks and bags. On the site, storage tanks for vegetable oils and animal fats, mainly pig fat, are also installed so that we can also provide our customers with this.

The owners of the bed are still the same in all these years of innovation and progress, which is something to be proud of. However, Arie and Gilberte are now being assisted by their children and their surrounding staff, so that they can give up their daily business operations.

As you have read, you can count on more than 50 years of experience in the world of premixes and raw materials for the manufacture of animal feeds. The slogan that Arie and Gilberte have set for all these years is the following:


Produce and sell quality products at very correct prices


We hope to be able to continue for many years on the road that has been taken, and we will do everything in our power to meet the wishes of our customers.